Project Description

Port of Oakland Switchgear Replacement

Owner: Port of Oakland
Prime: Burns and McDonnel
Project Duration: 2022-Present



Kewo Engineering is providing engineering services for the Switchgear Replacement for Port of Oakland. This work includes review the Port existing power distribution system, and future anticipated development projects including power demand needs.

Kewo Engineering is responsible for providing following engineering services:

  1. Perform a system capacity evaluation for new SS-R-10 (Army) and its feeders.
  2. Perform system capacity evaluations for new renewable projects.
  3. Perform a short circuit, coordination, and arc flash study for new SS-R-10 (Army) and renewable projects.
    a. Provide the Port breaker relay settings and arc flash labels for new SS-R-10 (Army) and feeder breakers.
    b. Provide the Port breaker relay settings for renewable projects.
  4. Assist with evaluating Port proposed location for new substation
  5. Assist with evaluating Port planned renewable resource projects: fuel cell systems, solar array system, battery energy storage system.
  6. Construction Management Support