Project Description

Dry Utility Consultant Services for 670 Mesquit Street Project

Owner: Mesquite
Prime: Arup
Project Duration: 3.5 years



Kewo Engineering provided Dry utility consultant to assist with obtaining new electrical service from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) for the project.

This includes:

  1. Review existing designs and project state.
  2. Coordinate with Design Team and Project Owner to obtain new electrical service.
  3. Coordinate with LADWP Service Planner, Electrical Service Representative (ESR), Customer Station Engineers, 35kV Circuit Design Group and 5kV Feeder Design group.
  4. Develop sketches, as needed, to facilitate discussions and coordination.
  5. Assist project team with answering RFI’s relating to LADWP’s electrical service during construction.