Project Description

Engineering Services for Power Plants

Owner: Pasadena Water and Power (PWP)
Period: 2021 – Present



Kewo Engineering provided as‐needed basis professional services for Pasadena’s local power generating stations for Pasadena Water and Power (PWP) including but not limited to: Glenarm Power Plant Generating Units, Broadway Power Plant, and Azusa Hydroelectric Plant and other Capital Improvement Projects. Kewo Engineering’s services for this project included:

  • Prepared and reviewed various documents including technical specifications, engineering preliminary studies, project schedules, feasibility studies, designs, and cost estimates for power generation projects.
  • Project management on various power generation projects.
  • Technical support and assistance in design review.
  • Performed engineering calculation, designs and analysis.
  • Preparation of design and as‐built drawings.
  • Assisted the City in the evaluation of bids or proposals.
  • Assisted the City in overseeing field work.
  • Provided recommendations and advice to the City regarding the compliance with related engineering codes and standards and laws.
  • Engineering services to assist with Power Plant Electrical System, Modification, Instrument Shop and office
  • Relocation, Stormwater Capture & Reuse, Gas Bottle Storage Relocation, Security System